Workshops and team building inspired by nature

Inspired by nature, our workshops and team building activities will bring sustainability and new perspectives to your organisation and teams

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"Peak2Peace developed a remarquably innovative teambuilding approach that invites to observe and integrate the experience, solutions and collaboration mechanisms developed by trees and forests over 350 millions years , that are on display for everyone's inspiration. Working with them has brought resilience, inclusion, interconnectivity and better collaboration in my teams with a focus on what makes sesne for them"

Carsten B., managing director

Organisational solutions inspired by nature

Workshops & team building activities that collect advice from natural solutions


"Our teams particularly appreciated the two days spent at the Combe de l'A to observe and hear the deer rut in a preserved nature. The activities and the excellent meals shared contributed to consolidate our team spirit and gave a well-deserved breath of fresh air to all."

Richard V., Client team director


Rewards and Incentives

Refreshing outdoor experiences for teams with reconnection to nature

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