Explore with us

Spot wildlife


Deer, chamoix, ibex, roe, eagles, falcons, reindeers, mouse, maybe even wolves, a lynx or a bear; we'll do everything we can to show the wildlife wonders for us to observe. Our telescopes come with smartphone adapters to allow you to bring  souvenirs home

Traces and clues


Many clues are left behind for  us to  see and interpret. Soon you'll realise that your walks are filled with secrets for you to decode, only to make you realise you are  far from being alone...



An infinite variety of landscapes at your doorstep or only reachable after days of trekking. Talk to us about your wishes so that we can lead you in full security to the places you dream of

Walk on Air


Snowshoeing through the Alps, the Jura or Lapland, for day  trips or longer adventures, sleeping in igloes... only the sky is the limit

Travel through time


Nature exposes thousands and millions of years of history  in an open book . Our guides will help you identify witnesses of the past, and explain you how you can travel 100 million years in just 2 steps. Through basic notions of geology and glacialogy, you'll experience your treks though new eyes

Camp into the wild


What else is more rewarding than waking up in unspoiled nature. Contact us for tailored treks to places you would not believe exist