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Inspiration from trees for a different world

Reflections on the intelligence of trees and how it might inspire us in our lives and organisations


Jura, Alps


All year


1 day or more



Devis ou réservation de votre sortie d'entreprise

Aux dates de votre choix, avec des aménagements personnalisés à définir selon vos besoins ; nous vous contacterons bientôt.

Trees started developing 360 million years ago. Since then, evolution provided them with skills to adapt to any environmental changes they face. Walking in forests, heavens of diversity, contributes to our well-being; what if trees could also inspire us in our lives and relationships? Or in the way we organise our institutions, companies or even societies ? This hike invites to reflect on these questions.

Trees started developing 360 million years ago, way before dinosaurs got extinct 67 million years ago and the Homo Sapiens appeared 300'000 years ago. Forests are heavens of (bio)diversity, offering a multitude of habitats and food to fauna and flora.

A walk in the forest soothes us and contributes to our well-being; yet for the observant eye, notions such as resilience, connectivity, interdependence, diversity and inclusion become apparent.

Obviously, competition is also part of the balance, but not in overwhelming fashion as in, e.g., monocultures of Red fir trees. In the Jura and the alps, thousands of Red fir trees are dying due to drought and increase of temperatures. Monocultures planted by humans suffer the most.

Forests, trees and natural processes seem better than us humans at developing natural and resilient balances, in harmony with even the biggest natural grazers such as wild cattle, bisons or, in the past, mammoths, that help shape open, strong and very diverse landscapes.

This is maybe not a surprise if we consider the experience trees have gathered over 360 millions years.

Since the dawn of mankind 300’000 years ago, we conquered the world and have tried to control every natural aspect that impacted our comfort and development. Doing so, we developed a society with amazing achievements, but also at times questionable results.

Trees cannot move, do not build walls, do not launch wars. Yet forests adapt, are organised, and use interactions, dynamics and hierarchies that work in balance while being the host of an almost infinite diversity.

Can we draw parallels between human societies and forests ? And what if trees could inspire us in our lives and the way we build relationships? In the way we organise our institutions, companies and societies ? Can we tap into this 360 million years long experience, and if yes, how ?

This hike is an invitation to explore these questions. We’ll walk deep into a forest and look at it through new eyes. We will observe, feel the atmosphere and breathe the air. Your guide will help you in your observations and understanding, and as a group we will develop new insights on how this new knowledge and gathered experience can help us in shaping our future. This can be done in line with a theme defined at the beginning of the day.

This day can be organised as a simple hike and ongoing discussions, and also as a team building event with a structured workshop that targets specific themes and outcomes. In all cases it will be about positioning ourselves as full members of nature and developing new individual and collective perspectives that can help us organise our world, small or large, differently.


Will be communicated after having been developed with the trustee

Gear list

  • Rainproof backpack (approx. 25 liters)

  • Personal belongings and medication, telephone

  • Tick repellent

  • (High) hiking shoes with profiled / Vibram soles

  • Warm hiking clothes, at least:

  • 1st technical layer, e.g. wool (avoid cotton), also for legs in case of low temperatures or wind

  • 2nd warm layer with fleece jacket plus down (puff) jacket

  • Long pants and hiking jacket

  • If not waterproof: provide additional protection against rain. Evt. umbrella

  • Sunglasses, sun cream, hat, possibly a pair of light gloves

  • 1 liter of water minimum, 2 liters maximum, possibly a thermos

  • Snacks, dried fruit, etc.

  • Walking sticks, camera, binoculars (recommended)

Tarifs et réservation

Vous pouvez faire une demande de réservation pour obtenir un devis que nous vous confirmerons après vous avoir contacté pour finaliser tous les détails. Contactez-nous pour des arrangements spéciaux.

Exemples d'arrangements spéciaux :

  • Hébergement / réservation de salle de réunion

  • Organisation d'ateliers extérieurs

  • Restauration sur le chemin, pique-niques, par exemple fondue au fromage, thé, vin biodynamique du Domaine de la Colombe à Féchy, café expresso italien, etc.

  • Événements de dégustation de vins

Nous proposons un transfert en minibus VIP jusqu'au point de départ de l'événement.

Modalités de paiement : 50 % à l'avance, 50 % après l'événement. 100% des frais sont dus en cas d'annulation 15 jours avant le début du l'évènement, et 50% dans les 30 jours.


  • Guiding services by a mountain leader with swiss federal diploma of higher education

  • Fresh espresso coffee or tea at the meeting point

  • Background information on the region, nature and landscape

  • Animation on the theme according to the agreed format

  • We will also discuss various aspects of biodiversity in relation to the forest and the place of humans in it

  • Observations of fauna, flora and geology

  • Winter: snowshoes and sticks according to available stock, contact us

Not included

  • Public transportation

Ce que les participants disent

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