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Touring around the Matterhorn

The most famous and beautiful long haul trek of the swiss alps, 8 days touring through the valleys surrounding the Matterhorn




3rd - 10th August 2024


8 days, 7 nights


Mountain huts

Devis ou réservation de votre sortie d'entreprise

Aux dates de votre choix, avec des aménagements personnalisés à définir selon vos besoins ; nous vous contacterons bientôt.

A beautiful yet challenging trek through the different valleys surrounding the Matterhorn. From St.Niklaus, through the valleys of Turtmann, Zinal, Moiry, Hérens, Arolla, Valpelline and Valtournenche to finally reach Zermatt after descending the famous Theodule glacier.

Together with the Tour du Mont-Blanc, this trek is part of the crown juwels of the Alpine treks. It involves 8 days of hiking through 8 valleys around the majestic Matterhorn.

During this

 trip you will have the opportunity to admire the area known as the "imperial chain", the valley where the Hérens cows live and where the famous "fight of the Queens" is originating from. 

We will walk in Edward Whimper’s footsteps, who has been "scrambling the region" in the mid-19th century until he reached the Matterhorn’s summit; he crossed all the passes we'll traverse and premiered many of the summits we'll admire.

Going down to Italy, we'll admire the steep southern slopes of the Alps, whilst the "crest of the Lion", Matterhorn's famous western ridge appears in all its beauty.

On the last day, we'll climb to the Teodule Refuge from Cervinia to then descend along the glacier of the same name with the Matterhorn overlooking our finals steps into the beautiful town of Zermatt.


Daily rhythm (indicative)

  • Breakfast at 7:00 a.m., departure at 8:00 a.m.

  • On average: 1200m positive / negative elevation gain/loss each day

  • Almost always on mountain hiking (T3, red-white) or alpine trails (T4, white-blue)


  • Day 1 : Start in St. Niklaus - Topali hut (gondola the first part) 1180+/490-

  • Day 2 : Topali Refuge - Turtmann Refuge 750+ / 890-

  • Day 3 : Turtmann Refuge - Zinal 1000+ / 1000-

  • Day 4 : Zinal - Moiry Refuge 800+ / 800-

  • Day 5 : Moiry Refuge - Arolla 600+ / 1800- 

  • Day 6 : Arolla - Prarayer Refuge 1300+ / 1300-

  • Day 7 : Prarayer Refuge - Cervinia 1400+ / 1900-

  • Day 8 : Cervinia - Zermatt 1210+ / 2090-

Tips for personal equipment

Emphasis should be placed on lightness and avoiding unnecessary weight. The weight of the bag should not exceed 7 kg, all (multi-layered clothing, underwear, fleece, gore-tex jacket). Avoid bulky jackets and cotton clothes. Put your clothes in a plastic bag to protect them from the rain. Reduce packaging as much as possible.

A list of essential equipment will be given to you at the time of your registration.

Tarifs et réservation

Vous pouvez faire une demande de réservation pour obtenir un devis que nous vous confirmerons après vous avoir contacté pour finaliser tous les détails. Contactez-nous pour des arrangements spéciaux.

Exemples d'arrangements spéciaux :

  • Hébergement / réservation de salle de réunion

  • Organisation d'ateliers extérieurs

  • Restauration sur le chemin, pique-niques, par exemple fondue au fromage, thé, vin biodynamique du Domaine de la Colombe à Féchy, café expresso italien, etc.

  • Événements de dégustation de vins

Nous proposons un transfert en minibus VIP jusqu'au point de départ de l'événement.

Modalités de paiement : 50 % à l'avance, 50 % après l'événement. 100% des frais sont dus en cas d'annulation 15 jours avant le début du l'évènement, et 50% dans les 30 jours.

Benefits included   

  • Guiding and explanations on region, cultural and geoligical contexts, fauna / flora etc., by a licensed Mountain leader

  • Half board accommodation from day of departure to final day

  • Lunch (picnic) from day 2 onwards (take your picnic for day 1)

  • Lifts where planned necessary

  • Train from Zermatt to St.Niklaus on the last day

Not included

  • Transportation to and from the starting / arrival point

  • Drinks and alcool beverages

  • Meals/food outside of the half board and picknick offerings

  • Travel insurance in case of cancellation

Ce que les participants disent

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