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Via Alta Vallemaggia - Camosci Trekking

Trekking dei Camosci follows the first stages of the Via Alta in the "Vallemaggia". In 6 days, starting from Locarno/Cardada along the ridges to Fusio.




June - October 2024


6 days, 5 nights


Mountain huts

Devis ou réservation de votre sortie d'entreprise

Aux dates de votre choix, avec des aménagements personnalisés à définir selon vos besoins ; nous vous contacterons bientôt.

A spectacle of ridges, rocks, pastures and refuges.

A linear itinerary for "expert" hikers which starts from the blue of Lake Maggiore and leads to demanding alpine environments characterised by rocks, scree and some aerial passages.

Almost a week away from any village or dwelling, with no roads, no cable cars, no artificial lakes, no high voltage lines or antennas to spoil the natural experience: the Chamois Trekking follows one of the most unspoilt mountain ranges in the Swiss Alps. Starting from Cimetta above Cardada, a famous tourist destination near Locarno, five days of ups and downs take us to the slopes of Pizzo Campo Tencia, the peak par excellence of Ticino. Thanks to the refuges, all situated at around 2000 metres, the route always remains at high altitude, allowing you to enjoy the environment without excessive height differences.


Daily rhythm (indicative)

  • Breakfast at 7:00 am, departure at 8:00 am.

  • An average of 1200m of positive and 1300m of negative height gain each day.

  • Almost always on T4 alpine trails


  • Day 1 : Cimetta ⟶ Rif. Nimi (telecabina il primo pezzo) 1170+ / 1090-

  • Day 2 : Rif Nimi ⟶ Rif. Alpe Masnee 720+ / 370-

  • Day 3 : Rif. Alpe Masnee ⟶ Cap. Alpe Spluga 990+ / 1220-

  • Day 4 : Cap. Alpe Spluga ⟶ Cap. Tomeo 1020+ / 1120-

  • Day 5 : Cap. Tomeo ⟶ Cap. Barone 1530+ / 1100-

  • Day 6 : Cap. Barone ⟶ Fusio 1210+ / 2090-

Tips for personal equipment

Emphasis should be placed on lightness and avoiding unnecessary weight. The weight of the bag should not exceed 7 kg, all (multi-layered clothing, underwear, fleece, gore-tex jacket). Avoid bulky jackets and cotton clothes. Put your clothes in a plastic bag to protect them from the rain. Reduce packaging as much as possible.

A list of essential equipment will be given to you at the time of your registration.

Tarifs et réservation

Vous pouvez faire une demande de réservation pour obtenir un devis que nous vous confirmerons après vous avoir contacté pour finaliser tous les détails. Contactez-nous pour des arrangements spéciaux.

Exemples d'arrangements spéciaux :

  • Hébergement / réservation de salle de réunion

  • Organisation d'ateliers extérieurs

  • Restauration sur le chemin, pique-niques, par exemple fondue au fromage, thé, vin biodynamique du Domaine de la Colombe à Féchy, café expresso italien, etc.

  • Événements de dégustation de vins

Nous proposons un transfert en minibus VIP jusqu'au point de départ de l'événement.

Modalités de paiement : 50 % à l'avance, 50 % après l'événement. 100% des frais sont dus en cas d'annulation 15 jours avant le début du l'évènement, et 50% dans les 30 jours.

Benefits included

  • Guiding and explanations on region, cultural and geoligical contexts, fauna / flora etc., by a licensed Mountain leader

  • Accommodation with half board, 

  • Daily picnic for an extra 15chf

Not included

  • Public transportation

  • Drinks and alcool beverages

  • Meals/food outside of the half board

  • Travel insurance in case of cancellation

Ce que les participants disent

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