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Boudewijn van Doorn

Boudewijn was born in the Netherlands and moved to Switzerland at the age of ten where he obtained a Masters degree in Communication Systems in 1995 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne.
 He always enjoyed bringing friends, familiy and colleagues, and now guests as a professional mountain leader, into the Swiss mountains. He founded Peak2Peace in 2019.

Boudewijn guides fluently in English, French, German and Dutch

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+41 78 775 53 70


​Tech entrepreneur and consultant, Boudewijn founded an Internet start-up in 2002, with a successful exit in 2009. In 2015 he opened the Swiss office of Valtech, a digital agency and integration services provider. He ran the business until 2021 whilst growing it to CHF 5 mio revenue, with 35 staff members located in Switzerland and nearshore locations. His linkedin profile will give you more insights on this part of his career.

Trained by the Swiss mountain guides association, he became a certified International Mountain leader (Swiss federal diploma of higher education) with international UIMLA recognition in 2020. He is certified to bring guests on alpine hiking routes (T4 or white-blue marked trails), and is certified in Rewilding and Nature based tourism development
, by Rewilding Europe. He is an SMT expert (Swiss Mountain Training). Boudewijn is also a trained Integral coach at the Centre for Coaching.

He works part time as Mountain leader at Peak2Peace next to advisory & strategic development missions in the startup and coroporate worlds.
 He is a member of, the body that organises and runs exams for aspiring certified Mountain leaders in Switzerland, and is member of the ARGM committee (Association Romande des Guides de Montagne).

His interests lie in systemic understanding of how things work and how they came to be, what one can see (or not) outdoors and in mountains. He likes to embrace complexity and simplify it for his audience. His guiding practice focusses on sharing nature and mountain based experiences, mixed with culture and historic events. On your tours with him, you will be treated with high-end local products such as outdoor fondue/raclette and biodynamic wines, matured close to his home in Rolle, Switzerland. You'll be entertained by e.g., forests and tree dynamics, geology, wildlife spotting, listening to birds, rewilding practices, biodiversity and the place of humans within it. Photography workshops and Security and avalanche courses are also part of his portfolio of services.


History, of the Earth since its origins or in the form of stories about WW II refugees helped into safety by French and Swiss Passeurs in the magnificient Risoud forest of La Vallée de Joux, is never far away. Finally, he invites participants to reconnect to nature in simple ways: observe, understand, love and protect. And to eventually become part of it.

Driven by similar inspirations, he organises outdoor team building & transformation workshops that aim at drawing inspiration from practices adopted by nature, and forests in particular. Such experiences enable participants in finding and developing new ways to contribute, collaborate and care for each other and their environment. The outcome is augmented individual and team capabilities, with, for example, more resilience, efficience and altruism thanks to honest and transparent communications, and mutual understanding.

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