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Energise your teams, add value to your organisation

Off-sites & Team building

With focus on actively enjoying the outdoors in full security, get inspired by nature, reward and build resilient teams; we help you organise and run the activities, plan, and manage the logistics

Executive Off-sites,
trip planning

Take a step back, build team cohesion, develop strategies, let nature inspire you, energise, reward and challenge your teams, set objectives and move your company forward.

Our proposition is to do that within stunning Alpine and Jura landscapes, on single or multi-day trips, with state of the art hospitality and guidance from former executives. We will tailor and run an effective and valuable off-site for your team and enrich it with tailored and authentic mountain experiences

Team building workshops inspired by trees

Trees conquered the planet 360 million years ago. Since then, evolution provided them with unique adapatation skills. Walking in forests, heavens of diversity, contributes to our well-being; yet what if trees could inspire us in our lives ?  Can they serve as examples to stimulate, e.g, resilience, inteconnectivity, solidarity and teamspirit ? Our tailored workshops invite you to reflect on these questions

2022.04.01 trees-2.jpg

"Peak2Peace developed a remarquably innovative teambuilding approach that invites to observe and integrate the experience, solutions and collaboration mechanisms developed by trees and forests over 350 millions years , that are on display for everyone's inspiration. Working with them has brought resilience, inclusion, interconnectivity and better collaboration in my teams with a focus on what makes sense for them"

Carsten B., managing director

Incentive days

Award your teams in original locations with fun activities: e-mountainbike tours, treasure hunts, orienteering contests, wine & cheese tasting, outdoor cultural visits, picnics, cleanup days, etc.

"My team loved the two days spent at the Combe de l'A in the swiss alps, to observe the deer rut in preserved nature. The activities and the excellent meals shared contributed to consolidate our team spirit and gave a well-deserved breath of fresh air to all."

Richard V., Client team director, Valtech

Taste local specialties

Wine tasting, cheese factory visits, breweries and distilleries (gentiane, absinth,...), chocolateries, local specialties and gourmet restaurants, outdoor fondue or raclette: you name it, we have it all, matched with our outings tailored to your teams

20210524 risoud-10_edited.jpg

Cultural and historical hikes

Step aside and walk one of our history or cultural trails, enjoyed with a fondue, raclette and local specialities. For example the stories of the Passeurs of refugees in the Risoud forest, the rise and fall of Absinth, or the History of the Earth in 4.6 km

Corporate outing examples

Outing examples for corporate events

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