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The Chamois Rut

Experience the chamois rut live with impressive attitudes and chases


Jura, Alps




1/2 or full day



Get a quote or reserve your corporate outing

On the dates of your choice, with custom arrangements to be defined as per your requirements; we'll be in touch soon.

Late autumn marks the beginning of the chamois' mating season. Come and observe this crucial and spectacular period, and learn to identify and understand the behaviour of this wild species

We will look for the locations of the chamois herds, where they have gathered for breeding. We will decipher the behaviour of males and females, and understand how territories and herds are conquered, defended or lost. We will identify the behaviour of dominant and submissive males. At the end of this beautiful day, you may have witnessed some spectacular chases and gained an understanding of the social life of the chamois.


  • Start: Meeting at the indicated location and time

  • End: around 16h30 or earlier

Gear list

  • Rainproof backpack (approx. 25 liters)

  • Personal belongings and medication, telephone

  • High shoes with profiled / Vibram soles

  • Warm winter hiking clothes, at least:

  • 1st technical layer, e.g. wool (avoid cotton), also for legs

  • 2nd warm layer with fleece jacket plus warm down (puff) jacket

  • Long pants and hiking jacket

  • If not waterproof: provide additional protection against rain

  •  Sunglasses, sun cream, hat, possibly a pair of light gloves

  • 1 liter of water minimum, 2 liters maximum, possibly a thermos

  • Snacks, dried fruit, etc.

  • Camera, binoculars (recommended)

Pricing and Booking

You can place a booking request to obain a quote that we will confirm after having contacted you to finalise all details. Contact us for special arrangements

Special arrangement examples:

  • Lodging / meeting room booking

  • Organisation of outdoor workshops

  • Catering on the way, picnics, for example cheese fondue, tea, biodynamic wine from Domaine de la Colombe à Féchy, Italian espresso coffee, etc.

  • Wine tasting events

We offer VIP minibus transfer to the event's starting point.

Payment terms: 50% upfront, 50% after the event. 100% of the fees are due in case of cancellation 15 days before the beginning of the tour, and 50% for 30 days


  • Guiding services by a mountain leader with federal certificate

  • Espresso coffee or tea at the meeting point

  • Explanation of the region, wildlife, nature and landscape

  • Aspects related to biodiversity, wildlife and the return of large predators, with cultural and social-economic impacts  

Not included

  • Transport by chairlift or public transport

  • Lunch (from the bag), snacks and drinks

  • Everything else not mentionned in this offer

What participants say about this experience

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