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Peak2Peace was founded by Boudewijn van Doorn in 2019, a former Tech entrepreneur and international executive. After having created and managed 2 successful companies and with good understanding of both the corporate and outdoor worlds, Boudewijn decided to focus on entertaining guests and teams in nature and mountains. This with authentic experiences that add high value to people, organisations and society.

Peak2Peace's philosophy is rooted in the importance we attach to building relationships with - and between - people and nature. Humans are fully part of the living world and walking is the best (preventive) therapy. Peak2Peace is an invitation to enjoy the benefits of original mountain experiences and develop new perspectives, with a healthy impact around us. To reach - literally and figuratively - new heights, to observe differently, develop oneself, learn to love and take care of what is essential for a durable planet.

With Peak2Peace, you will live thrilling and soothing mountain experiences, hike on original and unmarked trails, enjoy the magic of alpine and jura landscapes in all seasons. We offer a wide variety of cultural, natural, historic and culinary themes for your outings : wildlife traces, wolf tracking, outdoor fondue or raclette, wine tasting, biodiversity, the magic of forests, the history of our planet, tales about Passeurs and refugees during WW II, the Absinthe road, hiking under the stars or by full moon, bivouacs, etc. We also organise E-Mountain bike tours, avalanche rescue and safety trainings, as well as nature photo classes.

For corporate events, we run workshops and team building activities, inspired by nature-based solutions. With the aim to help our guests develop new perspectives or simply enjoy the outdoors with teams and colleagues.

And finally, why not treat yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime experience with multi-day trek though the Jura, on a Haute-Route from Chamonix to Zermatt, a Tour du Mt Blanc, the famous Via Alpina or the challenging Via Alta Valle Maggia, or lesser known tours such as the Tour des Combins or the Tour du St Bernard?

Welcome and peak to peace !


About Peak2Peace

Our team
Boudewijn's story
Boudewijn van Doorn / Founder

Former Tech Entrepeneur & Executive (see linkedin)

Licensed International Mountain leader (CH)

UIMLA member

Swiss Mountain Training expert, T4 trails authorisation

Comex secretary & member / +41 78 775 53 70

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