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Peak2Peace was founded in 2019 by Boudewijn van Doorn. After setting up 2 successful businesses, Boudewijn obtained a Swiss federal mountain leader certificate with the aim of taking his customers to the mountains.

Our invitation is to enjoy high-quality experiences, to be inspired by nature and to take it home with you.

Our philosophy is rooted in the importance we place on building relationships with people and nature. Humans are an integral part of the living world, but the human species has gradually isolated itself from it.

Walking is the best form of therapy, and we take our clients into wild, natural environments with hikes adapted to the group, exploring exciting themes and beautiful regions.

The experiences you'll have will help you reach new heights, learn to observe better or differently, develop, love and care for what's essential for a sustainable and peaceful future.

Our outings cover a wide variety of cultural, natural, historical and culinary themes: wild animal tracks, wolf tracking, fondue or raclette in the open air, tastings, the mechanisms of biodiversity, the intelligence of forests, the history of our planet, stories of the Passeurs and refugees from the Second World War, the Absinthe route, hikes under the stars and bivouacs, etc.

We also organize mountain bike tours, avalanche rescue and safety training, and nature photography courses.

For companies, we organize team-building activities and development workshops. By drawing on nature's proven solutions, we aim to promote and develop new organizational ideas, or simply enable our customers to enjoy quality outdoor experiences.


Take nature with you

Our team
Boudewijn's story
Boudewijn van Doorn / Founder

Former Tech Entrepeneur & Executive (see linkedin)

Licensed International Mountain leader (CH)

UIMLA member

Swiss Mountain Training expert, T4 trails authorisation

Comex secretary & member / +41 78 775 53 70

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