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Passeurs of the Risoud forest and refugees at the Swiss-French border

A splendid moment out of time in the Risoud forest (Vallée de Joux, Jura)


Risoud (Jura)


All seasons


1 or 2 days



Private groups

Choose your date and custom arrangements

Upcoming public outings

Join us for a moment out of time. The Risoud Forest is full of mystery and magic; to the west of the Vallée de Joux, straddling a thousand-year-old (now French-Swiss) border, this wild region witnessed daring and discreet passages during World War II. We'll meet actors and visit places of these events during this fascinating hike

Members of the intelligence services, the resistance and hundreds of refugees persecuted by the Nazi regime crossed this border clandestinely. These fleeing women, men and children were helped by colorful characters living on both sides of the border. They worked together to help without distinction of race or religion, and to allow the exchange of information essential to the fight against the Nazi terror.

This beautiful hike through a preserved natural environment is an invitation to meet history of this region and get to know the women and men who risked their lives on steep and snowy paths. Under fire from German soldiers while fleeing from Swiss customs officers, they saved hundreds of people and wrote some beautiful pages in the history of a courageous and united humanity.

Together, we will walk in their footsteps to discover the secret passages they used and the places where they met or hided, such as "La Gare du Nord" or the "Rendez-vous des sages". Like the fugitives of the time, we will "gamb" the border wall and try to decipher its thousand-year-old history suggested by the border markers engraved with dates and coats of arms more than 500 years old, and thus evoke the history of Europe, France and Switzerland.

We will introduce you to personalities such as Victoria Cordier who, thanks to their extraordinary history and courage, will give a unique character to this trip inspired by their actions.

A large place will be given to the magnificent natural environment in which we will evolve, and to the signs wild life. The beautiful Risoud forest is the largest in one piece in Europe and a supplier of wood for violin makers all over the world. It is home to the Lynx or the Wolf, predators of the Deer, Chamois and Roe Deer that can be found there in large numbers. The Capercaillie finds a precarious refuge there, not to mention the Woodpeckers, Owls and other Toats or Squirrels.

Details of the hike and program

  • Start: 9:30 am at the indicated meeting point

  • End: around 5pm, depending on the route

  • Lunch: award-winning cheese fondue will be served for lunch at one of the passeurs' meeting points, with biodynamic wine and fresh espresso coffee prepared in a Mocca

  • eBike friendly

Contact us for a custom trip. The hike can take place over 2 days with an overnight stay in the house of one of the passeurs we will talk about. We can also organize a visit to a watchmaking company in the Vallée de Joux and talk about the watchmaking history of the region.

Gear list

  • Rainproof backpack (approx. 25 liters)

  • Personal belongings and medication, telephone

  • Tick repellent

  • (High) hiking shoes with profiled / Vibram soles

  • Warm hiking clothes, at least:

  • 1st technical layer, e.g. wool (avoid cotton), also for legs in case of low temperatures or wind

  • 2nd warm layer with fleece jacket plus down (puff) jacket

  • Long pants and hiking jacket

  • If not waterproof: provide additional protection against rain. Evt. umbrella

  •  Sunglasses, sun cream, hat, possibly a pair of light gloves

  • 1 liter of water minimum, 2 liters maximum, possibly a thermos

  • Snacks, dried fruit, etc.

  • Walking sticks, camera, binoculars (recommended)


Private groups

Choose your date

Public outings

As published on our site

From CHF 95.- pp.

Min 4, max 8 p.

Contact us for an overnight stay in the house of one of the Passeurs.

Optional lunch: world champion cheese fondue, tea, biodynamic wine from Domaine de la Colombe à Féchy, Italian espresso coffee, CHF 30.- pp., max 6 p.

Contact us for VIP minibus transfer to the meeting point (6 passengers).

The hike is confirmed as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, and may be postponed in case of bad weather conditions.

Payment: on site at the end of the hike. 100% of the fees are due in case of cancellation 10 days before the beginning of the tour, and 50% for 30 days

Services included

  • Guiding services by a professional Mountain leader with Swiss federal diploma

  • Guide tea and snacks / cake

  • Presentation of the Passeurs theme during the hike

  • Explanations about the region, its nature and landscape

  • Explanation and discovery of the border markers and their coats of arms, with a card game

  • Observations of fauna, flora, geology. We will discuss various aspects related to the forest and its trees, its role in biodiversity and our relationship with it

  • Poles as per available stock

Not included

  • Public transportation

What participants say about this experience

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