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Pricing and general conditions

The below pricing applies generally unless specified otherwise in our published offers or quotations.


During our activities we usually entertain our guests with drinks, snacks, cake or local specialities, etc. Catering, picnics and tasting activities of local produce etc. are in principle included explicetely in the offers published on this web site or in our quotations. They are however not per se included by default in the below fees.

Daily fees*

Base fees

  • Full day**: CHF 500.-

  • Half day***: CHF 400.-


Groups larger than 6 participants

  •  20% of the base fee will be added per additional Guest to the total price

  • Based on hike difficulty, a second guide is generally added as of 11 Guests


Education, training, avalanche courses

  • Full day**: CHF 600.-

  • Half day***: CHF 450.-

  • Hourly rate****: CHF 90.-


* The fee may be determined as a daily or half day fee per guide and is in principle based on guide engagement time. The amount of the daily fee is usually dependent on the length of the entire contract, the length and difficulty of the tours, the conditions of the terrain, the number of Guests, the fitness level of the Guests, and the seasonal capacity of the guides. The fees published here are standard and used as such in our quotation calculator, and may be adapted in the outings published on our web site and our quotations.

** more then 4 hours of guide engagement time

*** < 4 hours of guide engagement time, ending before 12h30 or starting after 13h30

**** can be applied in specific cases, dependent on the type of engagement and provided service


Quote calculator & booking request form

You can use our quotation tool to calculate an indicative price for an activity over one or multiple days, and place a non-binding booking request. For multi-day activities, the calculation assumes half-board overnight stays worth CHF 70.- per guest. This can be adapted in our final quote & agreement based on actual lodging costs.

Corporate & Coaching

Based on activity type, please contact us.

VIP Pick-up, car sharing, other means of transportation

We offer the possibility to organise VIP pick up / drop off services for groups of guests, or car sharing, or to organise coach transportation for larger groups . Compensation, if applicable, will be agreed on a case by case basis.

Guide engagement time, travel time compensation

Guide engagement time is, unless specified otherwise, time spent with guests from the meeting point till the end point of the planned activity. This includes time spent in VIP, car sharing or public transportation with guests, or waiting for guests. Unless specified otherwise, compensation for travel time of the Service provider to and from the meeting points is defined in these general conditions.

Cancellation policy

Unless stated otherwise, in case of cancellation by guests / clients, the following amounts are due:

  • No charge up to 30 days before planned day

  • 50% of the agreed price is charged if the agreed activity is cancelled up to 10 days before start

  • 100% of the agreed price is charged if the agreed activity is cancelled later than 10 days before start


Guests / clients are responsible for their own insurances (cancellation, accident, rescue & repatriation, etc.)

General conditions

Unless specified otherwise above or in the offers published on this web site and our quotations, these general conditions apply.

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